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Our Future And Financial Straties

Estimate project

aaraf swasthaya sewa -Rs.5,000,000

Land and Building-Rs.5,000,000

Total Project value-Rs.10,000,000

Aaraf swasthaya sewa started with normal pharmacy in 2067 and now promoted to lab,pathology,x-ray and other more health services.100% ownership by aaraf swasthaya swewa kendra.

2-3 years planned to be 25 bedded hospital


Aaraf swasthaya sewa kendra -first 5 years (2018-2012) By Equity financing ,

Building (2018-2021)Bank Financing

2 to 3 km from samakhusi and Buspark ring road.

Proposed Financing

Equity financing:60%

individual share holders -10% community involvement


and bank finance 30%

Financial Strategies

-Aaraf pharmacy

-Equity presented in Aaraf swasthaya sewa kendra

-Diyalo medicine Distributers